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Sustainable Energy Systems

Through our financing partners, we can help you determine your cost VS savings advantages of your system. We offer many types of financing options:

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Home Equity Loan

Cash Out re-fi- thru Western Heritage. Specializing in low terms with speedy application..(Fico 630 rates 3-4%)
Purchase the system and you get 30% Federal tax credit. For business owners, a 5 year depreciation can be applied. We design, engineer and install your system, along with filing all of the necessary paperwork for your rebate. You own the system and accept all ownership responsibilities.

Hero Program

Hero Loan program with efficient tax advantage and easy qualifying
Ensure you are working with a contractor who lives up to the Hero Programs rigorous standards.

Credit Union Loan

Credit Union Unsecured Signature loan for qualified borrowers
From determining the best financing & leasing, the system design and site analysis, all the way through completion of the project. The WindSun Energy Systems Team provides a turnkey solution to your Alternative Energy needs.

Apply now for Traditional Financing

Our innovative loan programs allow homeowners to apply for up to $40,000 for residential solar and renewable energy systems.

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