Wind Power

Kinetic Energy of Air in Motion.

Welcome to the next generation of Wind Turbines that Generate Wind Power!

Vertical-axis turbines generate wind power and WindSun Energy Systems carry the latest in design and reliability. They have only one moving part and require very little maintenance.  The blade assemblies are perpendicular to the ground, accept wind from any direction and they are whisper quiet. This is what makes them superior to horizontal turbines in many ways, they do not have to turn to face the wind, can be mounted on shorter poles, fewer moving parts and an easier installation and commissioning process.
Wind Power CaliforniaAll of our models are certified for strength, safety and are eligible for California State rebates.  The poles, turbines and foundations are rated to withstand winds in excess of 100 mph , and are completely engineered and approved prior to installation.

Our systems are grid tied so you can harness all of the power whenever the wind is blowing, day or night!

Turbines that generate Wind Power are very site specific, so we insist on monitoring your site to provide accurate data for the turbine placement. This is usually a 30 day test and in most cases is offered at no cost. Picture

Almost all of our vertical axis turbine installations are mounted on 23 foot tall towers and total height is less than most code restrictions, 35 feet for residential installations.

These are bird and bat friendly, quiet and reliable energy generators that can offer decades of clean renewable power. We can assure, with your adequate wind flow, many years of trouble free wind power!!

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